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Absinthe as a hallucinogenic art motivator

Posted by Art Radio on July 25 2013, 10:00am

Categories: #Absinthe, #Art Motivator, #Art Radio

Absinthe as a hallucinogenic art motivator

It has been rumoured that the consumption of absinthe enables individuals to produce exceptional pieces of art that are layered with in-depth emotional expression, but how is this possible?

Though most of us have the natural reaction to grimace at this extremely alcoholic drink, it has been said that its hallucinogenic side effects empowers consumers to create something beautiful.

It is unclear as to why thujone, the main substance found in absinthe, produces the effects that it does and some may claim that thujone effectively compels the mind to enter a completely separate level of awareness.

This new level of consciousness then enables the mind to connect with another form of universal intelligence. It is then further suggested that this is where people may draw their enhanced abilities from.

Others simply believe that we are unlocking something that is supposed to remain subconscious and this source where individuals may draw their unnatural abilities from is said to be near impossible to access in a normal state.

It is thought that the thujone removes the obstacles that, when in a normal state, prevent the senses from working at full capability.

Essentially in this new state, the ordinarily docile subliminal mind begins to work in tandem with our usual awareness which leads to two perceptions of reality. This is to say that our cognitive, perceptive and creative abilities are enhanced when this substance is consumed.

Many scientists and doctors have been completely baffled by the phenomenon of enrichment in our sensory perception due to the consumption of absinthe and many have described it as a substance that simply illuminates the mind.

This sudden transformation in state is incredible and is evidently a prodigious discovery. If you’ve have past work derived from an influential source such as a vivid memory, abnormal change in mood or if you’ve even been briefly inspired by someone else’s work, share your art work and story with art radio.

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