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Handy Artwork

Posted by Art Radio on April 30 2013, 10:00am

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Handy Artwork

You’ve got to hand it to this artist – literally.

Svetlana Kolosova, from Moscow, produces some quite incredible art on her left hand. Some pieces take her an hour, other take her up to three.

She applies incredibly detailed painting to her palms and fingers, making some very unique pieces of art. Although Svetlana spends some considerable time to create these masterpieces, they only last 24 hours before she has to wash them off.

The painter has spoken of how she once began drawing and painting leaves onto paper until she invented these handy paintings around five years ago. She also said of how she begins by drawing the outline with a gel pen and then fills them by painting a variety of colours onto them.

The twenty-year-old doesn’t just paint; she also has an eye and ear for song writing and poetry.

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Handy Artwork

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