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How Your Images And Art Work Are Stolen Online And Why?

Posted by Art Radio on June 10 2013, 10:00am

Categories: #Art Work, #Artwork

How Your Images And Art Work Are Stolen Online And Why?

Everyone copies, hotlinks and downloads various images from different websites. Some of the users save these photos to put in their profiles or display pictures, some use them to recreate art for fun and some use them for preparing academic presentations.

However, some people use the images for professional purposes. Professionally using someone else’s artwork on a website, blog, marketing material etc. is a crime. However, not everybody knows that, or pretend that they don’t know.

There are a number of ways an image available online to view can be saved in a user’s PC. Some of the many ways of copying/saving images include the following:

1. Using ‘Save Image As’ option using the right click mouse button.

2. Hotlinking to the image source (linking a text or image to the URL that contain somebody else’s artwork).

4. Accessing the image from browser cache (located in the Temporary Internet Folder) and saving it in to a location in the computer.

5. Using screen capture programs or the PrintScreen button located on the keyboard.

Your artwork can also be used as a part of someone else’s work to make it look unique. This will of course reflect well on you and your talent. Although, you can protect your images if you want them to remain original.

So make sure to upload your imagery and art to websites where you can protect it like Artradio.tv or flickr.com and add a watermark/copyright note to the image.

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