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  • Handy Artwork

    30 April 2013 ( #Handy Artwork, #Svetlana Kolosova, #Art Radio )

    You’ve got to hand it to this artist – literally. Svetlana Kolosova, from Moscow, produces some quite incredible art on her left hand. Some pieces take her an hour, other take her up to three. She applies incredibly detailed painting to her palms and...

  • Independent Career for an Independent Artist

    10 July 2013 ( #Independent artist, #Art Social Network, #Art Radio )

    You’re talented and all your friends tell you that you could easily make a huge career as a musician/photographer/poet/painter? Whether you take their word for granted or is a bit suspicious about them simply being polite in giving you compliments, there...

  • Absinthe as a hallucinogenic art motivator

    25 July 2013 ( #Absinthe, #Art Motivator, #Art Radio )

    It has been rumoured that the consumption of absinthe enables individuals to produce exceptional pieces of art that are layered with in-depth emotional expression, but how is this possible? Though most of us have the natural reaction to grimace at this...

  • Enhance your artistic vision

    25 July 2013 ( #Art Radio, #Artistic, #Artistic Expression )

    Art radio offers the opportunity to share your art work to the world and whatever your talent; artradio.tv will happily promote it. However, sometimes it can be challenging to use artistic expression as a kick-start when producing your own art work. In...

  • How to Turn Your Painting Hobby into a Career

    06 May 2013 ( #Artists, #Artradio, #Art Radio )

    There are a number of hobbies that can be turned into a profession. If the art or skill of a person is good enough, they can make a living out of it. If you love to paint and believe that you are good at what you do, you can turn your hobby in a career....

  • How Your Images And Art Work Are Stolen Online And Why?

    10 June 2013 ( #Art Work, #Artwork )

    Everyone copies, hotlinks and downloads various images from different websites. Some of the users save these photos to put in their profiles or display pictures, some use them to recreate art for fun and some use them for preparing academic presentations....

  • Are You Sharing Your Art?

    30 May 2013

    Sharing your artwork can help you in a number of ways. One of the reasons why sharing your art can help you a lot is that more and more people will be able to learn about you and your art. People will be able to understand your art and more importantly...

  • Art Broadcasting Over the Years

    23 April 2013

    There was a time when the only way for an artist to exhibit their work at a gallery, in the local paper or even on the street. Things are much different now. Today, artists and painters have plenty of options to choose from in order to promote their work....

  • Are You Being Promoted Well Enough As An Artist?

    16 May 2013

    It is near on impossible for people to buy art if people are not seeing it. Paintings, as well as any other forms of art are an artist’s biggest selling point, but if they are not given the right exposure, this art will just not sell. After you realise...

  • Guide To Great Air Painting

    25 May 2013

    There is a lot more meaning to landscape painting rather than just painting the blue skies, the scenic mountains and those breath-taking exotic locations in the glorious sun. You may be sat thinking to yourself, what is an air painting? An air painting...

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